Time passes quickly and things never look the same

With all the good intentions that I have had over the years, I find myself in these last eight weeks of 2021 not knowing where the time has gone and having let so many things fall by the wayside.

This blog has fallen into that category.

As I begin to explore again, I realize that nothing is the same here, and I do not recognize how to do much of anything. Part of me wants to scrap the whole idea of the blog, but even that seems nearly impossible to do.

There is so much to catch up on…so many things I want to share. Yet, fear continues to loom over me.

And then, there is the point of technology having grown past me by leaps and bounds.

Perhaps, I will be able to figure things out again…learn new things…tell the stories that are mine to continue to tell.

Time will certainly not wait forever for me, though (for now) I am still here to tell the stories…