Do art galleries make us artists?

If something that someone has created is hanging in an art gallery, does that make someone an artist?

I am not certain of the answer to this question, but I am feeling a bit accomplished for having shown two of my pieces at a show that opened this afternoon at Olympic College Art Gallery.

There were so many artists whose work was displayed during this show.  There were classic-style drawings and paintings, abstract work of all kinds, and much more.

The painting of the two faces (on the right of the featured image) is a piece that I call “Warrior Sisters–People Heal.”

In the photo below, my “Untitled” piece (acrylic elephant on wood) is displayed with the cardboard elephant sculpture peeking through the photo on top.  I love that view, and might have never noticed it had I not been learning to view things from different perspectives in the sculpture class I am currently taking.


I am excited for this stage in my life.  I am learning now to be comfortable with creativity, and for showing my work to others.

I have been been a bit nervous about calling myself “an artist,” because I tend to compare myself to others and minimize what I do create.  It is why I put these two pieces in the show from an last-minute call for art.  It was non-juried, so it was not rejected.

I figured that it would give me the chance to dip my toe in the water of the art world. I will have my own wall at a local shop at the upcoming local art walk in July. I am nervous about that, but will have a few more people viewing what I create. I will also be able to tell my story to more people about reaching beyond the fears of life.

I truly know nothing about art technique, the differences between good and bad supplies, how to use supplies properly,  shading and highlighting, complimentary colors, or anything else that one might learn by going to art school. I am simply learning by playing with the things that I never had much of a chance to do as a child or teenager.I am learning to share of myself through creativity.

What you get from me is raw, childlike, and genuine.  That means that I will color outside the lines. I will also scribble. I have been like this for 62 years, and I doubt that I will change that part of me much.

I am still not convinced that I am much of artist…but maybe I am.  After all, I have the pictures of the art show to prove it!


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