As I continue to explore the creative me

It was just about three years ago that I painted on my first canvas. The result was raw.  I continued to allow myself to learn to “play” and participated in several more events at Artful Dreamers Studio in Tacoma, Washington.  (The new website is beautiful!)

Last year I went to the “Warrior Goddess” event, and created the canvas you see on the left. I actually hung it up on my wall. The black and white stripes on the face were representative of my “zebra stripes,” as I continue to live as a zebra (person diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumors [NETs]/carcinoid cancer.)

Life is and always has been a journey. The process of getting through and going beyond any challenge takes some chance–a risk–and it is not comfortable.  Expressing myself through art has been just as uncomfortable as any other challenge I have had in my life. Some day, I will tell more of that story.

Yesterday I took the warrior goddess off of my wall, and decided to spend a couple of hours working on this painting at Open Studio hours. For some reason, she was calling to me, as never before.

Two weeks ago, I started spring quarter at the local community college taking a Sculpture class. In these past two weeks (four sessions), I have begun to see things through a different perspective, as we have worked on a clay-sculpting project of a live model’s head. It has required me to view the world in much different ways.

So, Warrior Goddess made the trek with me to Tacoma, and she has evolved into what you see on the right. I still have a couple of things that I want to add, but I am pleased with the changes, and I will finish soon, and then glaze the piece.

Creativity is within me, though it’s taken many decades for me to take the risks to tap into what there is to discover.  But discovery is also exciting and I am learning that I am beginning to see some things through a more discerning eye.

4 thoughts on “As I continue to explore the creative me

  1. I like both of them. You are really talented. I think the one on the right, looks a bit sad or tired compared to the one on the left. But it could be just me.

    I think what you are doing is one of the best ways to live your life in the most positive way. If my kids were all grown up, I’d probably get back to my music composition and playing the piano. These artistic hobbies are definitely great stress relievers.

  2. Coral, My husband has high grade small cell NEC of the bladder. He had surgery but he’s not doing chemo or radiation; the prognosis for both was dismal. He is doing several ‘alternative’ treatments. Please tell us how you have managed to LiVe w/ this rare aggressive cancer!! Dr.s repeat what they are told to say, Survivors tell you how to LiVe., 248-795-5130

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