Why I dislike these cute little kitties

Cute kittens are my enemies. I really don’t like them very much because they are insidious in the way they creep their way into my heart.

They do everything in their power to make me want to like them, acting as if they want me to adopt them. They offer humor, playfulness, occasional cuddling, and so many other things that make them so appealing.

But then… the evil little creatures prick me with their claws, they will rub all over me with their fur, they will sometimes lick my face or hands.

If these things happen I swell up with large bumps from the little claws, my eyes swell shut, my lungs decide to overreact, and I can end up in the hospital.

It’s easier if I just could learn to hate these little devils. Being allergic to them is my hell.

Otherwise, I would have a dozen of them!!

Photo credit: Pixabay, public domain

8 thoughts on “Why I dislike these cute little kitties

  1. Sarina

    We had to put our elder cat down. She was a joy to us. Having had to do that, I have decided that our younger cat will be our last.

    I cannot bear to go through that again.

    Sorry to hear that you are allergic to the little buggers. They are warm and cuddly. That is unless you encounter a few of the beasts that some of my client’s call cats, but are more like miniature lions. They dig the hell out of you.

  2. priscillaking

    Aww…Condolences to those who really can’t adopt kittens.

    Those who are afraid of losing one should ponder Heather-cat’s typed message, “by 6.” Cats just don’t live as long as humans. They age fast, going from bouncy-pouncy kitten to dozy old senior cat in just ten years. However, if you have six cats to love, the others will get you through the loss of one.

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