It’s the middle of February and Life seems to be moving at mach speed

Life seems to pass along so quickly any more.  There never seems to be enough time.  At least, that’s what I hear others say.

Earlier this month, I wrote a piece called “Out of sight, out of mind” ( click on the link to read) and noted that we do not pay much attention to those around us. I have to wonder just how much can be attributed to the fast pace by which we make our choices.

I also wonder why we want to include others in our lives, yet do not seem to have the time to do so.

The question remains:  Do we REALLY want them or do we simply feel obligated to say so?

Life continues to move day-by-day.  One day, it will come to an end for each of us.  But time will continue to move on for those who remain.  Are we ready to deal with the consequences of having so little time for those we say we care about?

Time is ticking away at record speed. Quality time spent is so important, that we must make some decisions to forego the things that rob us of joy, and seek out those moments where we do not settle. Time will not wait for us.




8 thoughts on “It’s the middle of February and Life seems to be moving at mach speed

  1. Birgit Bergmann

    Yes, time does run away and other obligations get in the way. I truly hope we can see each other next week my dear friend. I love you.

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  2. soldierzsoul


    I just received today, notification of this post. Love it and the on-point sentiment behind it.


  3. Hi Coral, this is Barb from the Navy. I’ve just started reading you and now do about 3 posts per day. You inspire me! I have 2 books that are languishing because I didn’t think I was important enough. Your beautiful prose brightens my day. You tackle the difficult subjects. That you have found your calling encourages me to persist with my own. Thank you!

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