Memorial Day Significance Has Been Forgotten

Written last year, there is nothing I can say that is different than what I shared in the following post.

Please remember that Memorial Day is not Veterans Day or Armed Forces Day. Nor is it a day whose message should be pushed away into silence, only to be drowned out by whatever else it has come to mean for those who think it is a celebration of anything other than the memories of those men and woman who have given their lives to preserve the freedom and lives of others.

I invite you to revisit last year’s piece and pass it along to remind others why we truly do have this day.


The National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, VA The National D-Day Memorial, Bedford, VA

“Happy Memorial Day!”  

I cringe when I hear people gleefully share these three words as they wave their goodbyes and begin their long weekend.

To tell the truth, I find it offensive. It annoys me that that the American people have little clue what Memorial Day commemorates.

We have developed an overindulgent need in our society to display niceties. Then, there are many who are simply, by nature, complaisant.

There also seems to be an ever-increasing trend toward shaming or “guilting” others into bending-over-backward to ensure political correctness toward those who have served in the military. Perhaps, this is the reason most have confused Memorial Day with Veterans’ Day of November 11th.

Arlington National Cemetery Gravestones Arlington National Cemetery Gravestones

The importance and significance of Memorial Day is to remember the men and women who diedwhile serving–killed in war. Veterans’ Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

I did not serve in a war. Yet, this much I do…

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