U is for an Unstoppable, Unabashed Life


YESTERDAY’S SIGN: Business cards arrived.

TODAY’S SIGN: A search in Google for “Unabashed Me” led me to this post–my own–written more than three years ago.

It has been four months since I resigned my position with the company I had been with for nine years. I have been dragging my feet to jump into “doing my own thing” as a life and career coach,  consultant trainer, and speaker.

I have not been feeling unstoppable or unabashed of late.

REALITY CHECK:  I have sheltered myself these last few months from the unstoppable and unabashed life that is at my core.  The hiatus is over.

I needed to stumble upon this post today.




I haven’t often found that I could gather the momentum to be such a thing.  And so I stopped.  Time and time again.

Dead in my tracks.

Granted, I defined success by the standards that had been defined FOR me by others’ beliefs. And I am being reminded on a daily basis that the only one stopping me is me.

I want to be unstoppable.

That does not mean that I have some unrealistic expectation of myself or my value in this world.  It simply means that I want to get to a point in life where I live unafraid…unyielding in a sense that I am resolute to my purpose.

An unabashed life.

No embarrassment.  No shame…in doing what I am meant to do. Saying what I need to say.

This past week I received several comments from participants in recent workshops:

“Coral provides her students and all those…

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