Why Me or Why Not Me? That Is the Question

Perhaps, it is because December is dark and dreary here for many north of the equator….or maybe, it is due to the holidays losing their magic for many. I have heard the lament, “Why me?” several times in the past few days. I felt it was time to revisit this post from June…


question-25527_640I have had my moments in life of asking “What now?” or “Why me?” I am no different than others who have faced their share of challenges, both large and small.

But the better question is: “Why NOT me?”

Does anyone deserve more or less than others in this life? What do any one of us have that is so much more special than others of us who have been put on this earth?

I am sure that each of us have someone or a number of other people in our lives who feel that they are the privileged ones. Or deserving. Or entitled to things, situations, money or a “break.”

These are the people who, when things are going in the manner they think they deserve, are happy. But the moment that something “bad” happens to them (whatever they deem that to be for the moment), the proverbial pity party…

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5 thoughts on “Why Me or Why Not Me? That Is the Question

  1. Hi Coral,

    Hope you are well and HAPPY! 🙂 I think that most people feel that they have been put on this earth by God and when things happen they struggle to make sense of it. For me, I direct my attention upward (metaphorically). I choose to have faith even when things are going down hill. Others may not have that strength or faith but, I think that’s why we pray for each other, support each other and try to help others. It makes me think of Scrooge and the 3 ghosts. He just needed to open his eyes, right? 🙂 Sooner or later we all need a bit of help “looking up”. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ed! Yes, I am both well and happy! Just tired! I hope you are doing the same, and that you and your family have a season filled with love, joy, peace and health!!

      1. Yes, we are doing pretty good. Tired too. 🙂 Trying to decorate for Christmas….lots of work. Gotta make it nice for my son. He’s 8 so, it’s gotta be good. 😀

  2. The list of things I believe I’ve earned and not received is growing, this week, as Freelancer is failing to deliver payment for an article sale in New Zealand…People *are* “entitled” to what they’ve earned. If I feel cheerful about other things in spite of being cheated, I thank my Irish genes and/or eupepsia and/or God. If I didn’t, I’d accept no blame for that. Emotional feelings come and go; I’m in a very good mood today because my immune system is whipping the germs that put me in a bad mood yesterday…but what good can possibly come from trying to change the belief that whatever we invest in something ought to be returned?

    I formed a habit of needling Positive Thinkers because I see them as whining “Me me me, it’s all about me, forget about whatever’s not going well for you and just keep *me* in *my* good mood (‘cos I really am depressed)!” I don’t know that needling them does them any good. This is a case where the Positive Thinkers could productively just shift their focus. Instead of scolding people who believe they’re entitled to something, why not scold the people who’ve failed to deliver whatever it was? Make the world a happier place by shaming people who don’t pay their debts, who cheat on their mates, etc. etc. etc.

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