We All Need Places to Share Ideas and Thoughts

I have written online for several years. It all started with a blog back in 2006. But before that, I was a “chatter,” at sites that have since gone by the wayside, though I am personal friends now with a few I met back when I started in 1997.

What I value is being able to write my thoughts, and ideas.  Sometimes, it may be in journal/diary/blog form, but there are times when I want to share other things to be informative, or thought-provoking, or at times to editorialize.

What I also value is interacting with others from around the world in a more conversational way. I especially appreciate the encouragement and support, and sharing of ideas, and more.

Last year, I found a community called Persona Paper, where I can do just that.  It serves a different purpose for me there, and I have people coming to visit me daily. It is as if we are all meeting in the same coffee shop to talk for a day, whether for minutes each day, or for several times in a week. I appreciate that connection to others.

Recently, there has been a call from the site administrators for help for moderators, which I wrote about this morning in my recent article there.  I am not sure what it entails, how much time it takes, nor how much technological expertise is needed. I am not sure that I have the energy to do so.

I am looking forward to continuing to write and interact with others at Persona Paper.  I hope that others feel the same way about the same camaraderie that  I experience. And, perhaps, some will understand what is entailed in site moderation, and be able to help.


5 thoughts on “We All Need Places to Share Ideas and Thoughts

  1. I think you’d be a good moderator (partly because, if your computer can handle all the jazzed-up ads at PP every day *and* the hassles Blogspot builds into its tip jar button, it can handle anything!). Human moderators are much better than idiot efforts at automated moderation like Captcha and minimum length rules. Don’t know whether they can pay as much as your time’s worth, but I hope you take the job.

    1. Thank you, Priscilla. I appreciate the confidence you show in me, though I would likely not be the best choice for the volunteer moderator position for a variety of reasons. It is nice, however, to know I would get your vote. Thank you.

  2. Because of numerous problems I encountered with Persona Paper, I no longer write there, but I think you already know what you want do to. Whatever your decide, I support your decision, though if you want my two cents, I think you’d make a great moderator.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I appreciate your two cents. In an online forum, I do not think I would be a good moderator, however. I still have to buy your book and explore the multiple blogs choice.

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