Vulnerability and Keeping It Real

Having written this now over two years ago, I am just as convinced that in keeping things “real,” we MUST be vulnerable. I submit to you this previous post as a reminder of what is important.



This week I facilitated a workshop at one of the military bases.  It was a small class of 18, mostly military retirees.

Anyone who teaches, trains, speaks, or performs to an audience knows that adapting to an audience is key to making it an effective experience for all.  I have learned that by being authentic and sharing the information needed using my (sometimes) gritty, direct approach to life and what it dishes out has worked well in the environment in which I teach. Perhaps, it is due to knowing that I must drape that grit in compassion and connection.

This week’s class was one of my toughest classes ever.  Not from a perspective of “bad,” but because it was one of the most emotionally-connected.  For three days, I was drained AND fortified.  At times when I thought I could not give any more, they gave back in ways that I…

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