The Last Day of My Fifties

Today marks the last day that I will be in my fifties. It seems so weird to me to think that tomorrow I will a 60-year-old woman.

Those who truly know me (I say “truly” because many who think they know me, do not have a clue who I really am) will tell you that there is not much “old” about me.  Age in years, perhaps, but far from old. And wisdom, sans judgement.

Recently, I facilitated a workshop of mostly Millennials.  One, in particular, said: “Thank you for the life’s lessons you taught me. You are one of the ‘coolest’ people I have known. You do not think or act like most people your age.”

Never have I received a nicer, or more genuine, compliment.  Especially from a 20-something. I will take them where I can get them!

But, here I am on the eve of my 60th birthday. And, by some standards, it is old. Let me say this:  I feel very fortunate to still be alive today to be old.

Three years ago today, I felt lucky to be celebrating my 57th birthday. I thought it would be my last, and the following day I had a birthday party, where close to 50 people showed up to have dinner with me.

Tomorrow, I have no plans. It looks as if it will be just another day. I am not throwing a party, nor do I have any knowledge of one that is planned for me.

But, just another day?  For some, perhaps.

For me, it is another day to celebrate the gift of life. And each day that I wake up is another “birth” day. Tomorrow will just mark 60 years of them.



14 thoughts on “The Last Day of My Fifties

  1. Trenna Sue

    I love the way you think and the way you are willing to share with us. It’s a bran new year for you tomorrow and we are really the lucky ones.

  2. Valerie Krein

    Happy Birthday Coral, to one of the people who has mentored me over the years. You are so wonderful to be around, and I have learned so much from you. Wishing you a very Happy 60th Birthday, I love you very much my friend. Val

  3. Wisdom sans judgement? I doubt that. 🙂
    Happy Birthday!

    My gift to you is an idea.
    Sometime this week…maybe tonight, take 60 seconds (you know why) and look up at the sky night sky and know that the starlight that you are seeing traveled millions of miles and years just to sparkle into your eyes. Yes, other people can see that same star but that particular starlight that you see is yours….your gift…let if fill your eyes. Breath deep and feel the wind blow on your face. It’s yours….nobody else can breath that air because it’s yours. That breath of life is yours….your gift. Hug your loved ones. Yours. Nobody else gets to hug them that way, at that moment. Your life is special, given to you by a loving God. Just for you. That’s your gift. 🙂

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your gift,
    Ed 🙂

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