Time Runs Away with Me

00clocktimeFliesI am never quite sure to where time runs off. It has been nearly six weeks from my last post, which was not my own post, but a share of another’s blog.  I really need to become better at consistency wherever I write, and in whatever I do.

I also realized that I failed to share the outcome surrounding the issue I shared two months ago in When Things Become Too Familiar.  

I did, indeed, go to University of WA Medical Center for an MRI, and blood work. It was three months earlier than what the year out was to be.  All the results came back and there were no surprises.  Everything was relatively stable (again) after the nine months.

The liver lesions show virtually no growth and there a no new detectable lesions or new tumors in my system. My blood work came back as normal, though the levels in the Serum Serotonin and the Chromogranin A are elevated, as usual in someone living with carcinoid cancer/neuro-endocrine tumors.

So, the question becomes, “Why?” The attack that I had could be attributed to lesions in my intestine, healed from when they did the resection. Or it could be due to the one thing that I noticed on the report that I have never seen or paid attention to before:  Gallstones.

I have had no other issues since my June issue, which concerned me, other than the “normal” pains and symptoms that I deal with living with this condition.

Sometimes, I get a bit frustrated, angry, depressed, and whiny about them, but I try to get through those moments as quickly as I can. I do not want to ever beseen as someone who cannot deal with whatever life throws my way.

Thankfully, I have a couple of trusted friends with whom I can be honest, and let them see the overly-human person.  Although it is not pleasant for them, I am grateful that they accept me, love me, and (even) reach out to me in those moments.

With August right around the corner, my goal is to write daily.  To all who read me, thank you for your continued support.


12 thoughts on “Time Runs Away with Me

  1. Coral, I am laughing heartily at your response to the comment referring to you as ‘normal!’ Hey, we all love you, your gifts, talents, strong & weak traits! You give me the gift of loving me ‘as is’, too! Hey, how boring would life be if we were all the same! I look forward to reading your future posts. J💝

  2. Glad to hear you are stable. Do I dare say that? Stable….normal….?? 🙂
    If it is not to presumptuous, may I ask how they achieved that? Everything I have is still growing. I am now on Sunitinib.

    1. Ed…over the last three years, there has been negligible growth to the existing liver tumors. In those three years, the largest tumor has grown by 0.4cm, so it is still quite indolent. Is this due to actual growth or human recording the measurements? It could be either, as there have been times in these three years and eight MRI/CT scans later where it has been measured smaller than previous scans. What I do know is that there are no new lesions or tumors to be found, and those in my liver that are still there are not growing at a rate that we are concerned enough to decide on another course of action, other than doing what I am doing now. Nothing, but monthly Octreotide LAR, following my tumor markers (serum serotonin and CgA levels}, liver and kidney functions, and a yearly MRI now (though I did not make it to the year mark with the episode that scared me a couple of months ago).

      1. My scare in mid-June. I linked back to the blog entry. Though I did not say it directly, my fear was that it was another blockage, hence my making an appointment for the MRI before September this time.

      2. I don’t have the money for PRRT and such. I am simply grateful to be able to live with this, and have it be as stable (no new activity) as it is. Are you on FB and part of the Zebra Zone? There is a fellow that is a wealth of information, Gary M. I think he has gone the PRRT route. He’s brilliant, is a researcher, and from out here. He reached out to me early on.

      3. It looks like there will be a second clinical trial opened in Houston, TX – Excel Diagnostics. If you need contact information I can send it.

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