How Lucky Are You?

four-leaf-clover-711625__180Twenty-three years ago, when I was an Executive Manager with Tupperware, my Distributor, Karen Joyce Hanzlik, used to say “the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

She, too, was a baby boomer and grew up with some of the same work ethics that I was fortunate enough to have learned. I admired her greatly for her positive outlook on life.  I remember her best by how she viewed life and the challenges it presented. She was consistent in her messages to her team that there was something positive in everything that happens.  We simply had to be willing to view the situation differently and look for it.ladybug-354521_640

Some people say that success comes only if one is in the right place at the right time. Others complain that there cannot be success unless one is born at the right time or to the right family. There are so many reasons that one can use to justify why he or she is are not successful.

Although there are many factors that may influence one’s success, it is important to consider what the word, “success,” means. Money is only one way to measure success. When we limit our vision of success to money, power, or prestige, we may always find ourselves on the short end of the stick.

If you look for success you will find it. It may not always seem easy, especially if the unit of measure for that success is compared to what others have or what one does not have.

* * * * * * * *

By what other standards can you measure your successes? When you open up your vision of success, you may be surprised at just how successful you already are.

And luck has little to do with it.


2 thoughts on “How Lucky Are You?

  1. Throughout the years my definition of success has changed radically. I used to think that it meant excelling in my profession only. I sacrificed family, friends, and love to achieve what I thought was success. This is a lie. When I turned 40 I realized that this was not the only thing in life that meant that I was successful. I think now that I am more successful in life because I no longer think this way. I was not happy before and never content in my life. Even though my life now is not perfect now I am happier and feel more successful than ever before. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thank you, Peter, for your thoughts. I agree with you and have had the same experience over the years. I must admit that sometimes I wish that I had more success from the financial perspective. It would make things a lot easier, but I will not sell my soul to the devil for the almighty dollar.

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