A Day of Anniversaries

Two years ago, I wrote this piece about anniversaries. Tonight, on the eve of the same day, I am ever amazed how connected we are in life, and how death makes us realize the connectedness.

On this eve of my mother’s passing, four years ago. I realize just how much she impacted my life. Without her, I would never have learned to be as strong as I am facing each challenge life throws my way.


Today is one of those days that I am so busy that I can hardly take time to think, let alone write.  So, may I just say that today marks a very important day on many levels.

Today, June 14, 2013 is:

  • Flag Day, which commemorates the day that our country adopted the flag of the United States in 1777.  Oh, how I loved being the one in school and in Girl Scouts who was able to carry or raise the flag.  (“Why Flag Day Is Important to Me”)
  • My late Uncle Morey’s birthday.  I always thought it was “cool” that he would be born on Flag Day.  He was the biggest influence on me in my decision to join the military.  He was a true patriot and was the reason I wanted to join the Navy, as he had served in the Navy in Hawaii.
  • The two-year…

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