What Do You Love About Me?

Over five years ago, I wrote this piece. I think we all need to learn how to answer this question. Not only about others, but about ourselves.


This week my sister-in-law posted a comment on her FaceBook feed: “I like you.” My first reaction was to reply with “What do you like about me?” I replaced it with “…I like the way your smile and energy lights up a room.”

Perhaps you rush out the door for work and give your spouse or child a quick peck on the cheek and say the obligatory “Love ya!” Or you have another call coming through on the cell phone, so you cut the call short with your mother with a quick, “Gotta-take-this-call-bye-I-love-ya!” Or you use the flippant “I’m sorry” to assuage your guilt.

Americans are famous for asking everyone, including strangers, “How are you?” Do we really want to know the honest answer to this question? Would we be comfortable with someone answering how they really are? Or would there be an uncomfortable silence as we figure out how…

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