The Challenge of Clear Communication

I have misplaced my cell phone. The last time I saw it was on Thursday.

“Call it,” you might suggest.

That would be a good idea, if it were charged to capacity. After this long, the battery has died and calling to locate it would be fruitless.

Thankfully, I have called it to retrieve any voice messages that one might have left. At least I know how to do that.  There have been no messages left, if anyone has called me.

Of course, that does not help anyone if text messages are used as the primary or sole method of communication. And that is one of the biggest challenges of clear communication today, especially between the generations, as I see it.

In my world, where face-to-face or real-time phone conversations were valued, communication seemed clearer and plans were not left to chance. One would call a day or two in advance to solidify any plans made. That was considered common courtesy.

smartphone-703385_640In today’s world, when technology is touted as being nearly fool-proof, there are many times when messages are not relayed. This is especially true when one lives on the outskirts, where cell tower coverage can be spotty.  I think we all have had times when messages are never transmitted or received, or they come in all at once several days after they were sent.

We must all remember that trusting modern technology to make it easier to communicate is not always an accurate assumption. It may only be easier for those who rely on it as their sole resource.

As well, each generation values communication between people differently.  Societal standards and expectations change over time.

Any time there is a breakdown in communication between people, it is never one-sided. Misunderstandings and hurt feelings are the results of issues much deeper than a missed text message or last-minute phone call.

But today, we can all blame it on a dead cell phone.

© Coral Levang, 2015 All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge of Clear Communication

  1. This article is very timely! I too miss the days of clear communication! Where a text (abbreviated form of communication) was not taken too literally! I miss the days where people clarified things with each other, rather than jumping to assumptions and subsequent defensiveness, because of misunderstanding of a text! I miss the personal connections! It seems that some hide behind technology, and miss out on the treasures found in regular personal connection and communication with others! I would gladly give up texting or email for direct and personal communication!

    1. Because we live in a world that has come to rely on technology, and because we meet people from all over the world using technology, I think that we cannot go back. I’m not sure that I would want that completely. But I wish there was more balance. It really seems to be out-of-whack. Thank you for reaching out, Jewels.

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