Enslaved to Fear

fear-617132_640This weekend I rented the movie 12 Years a Slave, based on an autobiographical account of Solomon Northrup, a free man who was sold into slavery and kept as a slave on the plantations of Louisiana.

Other than being a profoundly well-acted and directed film, which took Oscar’s 2013 Best Picture, Supporting Actress, and Screen Play awards, it was one of the most thought-provoking films I have ever seen.

I appreciate films that make me think and ask more questions.  This film did just that.  It made me wonder about the fear that is in all of us and how we can become the epitome of that which we fear the most.

Of course, it goes back to the age-old notion of the thin line between courage and cowardice, strength and weakness, or sanity and madness, and when I asked this question at my other blog earlier this morning:  Is Fear Your Master?

Fear is often used to manipulate us in order to control us.  We do it to ourselves, and it is often done to us.  Is there a reason for such fear, if it holds us back from experiencing life, as it is intended to be?

These are the many things that are on my mind today.


© 2015 Coral Levang



2 thoughts on “Enslaved to Fear

  1. I’m waiting for that film to come out on Netflix, because I want to watch it, even though I know it will anger me. Slavery is such a crime. And it’s still happening today with young girls and boys being abducted and used as sex slaves. The depravity of some people is so unbelievable to me.

    1. Yes, indeed, it will anger you. I think that good films do poke at emotions in ways to make others think. At least, this one did so. I got this from the library.

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