Catching Up in the Wee Hours

Having been without a computer for much of December, it has taken me awhile to catch up a bit so that I have time to write here.  I actually wrote “old school” style, and will publish here on the blog, attempting to do that within the next two weeks.  I will backdate them to have things run as they were written, rather than when published.



To bring you somewhat current, however, I will try to keep this brief.  It is 2:30 a.m. and I need to get some sleep soon.

I have continued to take a vacation from Facebook for the time being. It was unmanageable, and was overwhelming.  I have needed some clarity and it was the best way for me to do it.

Christmas holidays were bittersweet where family was concerned. There were some tremendously joyful moments.  There were equally as many sorrowful moments.  Yet, spending it with many who are so dear was very special.  Mostly, it was very quiet.

New Years Eve was equally as quiet. One knows that he/she is getting old when there is no invitation to a New Years’ party and you find out that friends were in bed asleep an hour before you were!

I have made a decision that I will not maintain my writing presence much longer at Bubblews and have started to remove much of my material. I would like to transfer and update many things I have written to this blog (or others?), once I determine the path I want to take where my writing is concerned. I will be making some major changes here to my ideas of this blog and others soon and will keep all posted.

I have several other things planned, which I will disclose soon.  I am excited about some of the things on the horizon.

Finally (for tonight), I would to ask all to keep RGD in their healing thoughts and prayers as he puts himself in the heart surgeon’s hands in just over 24 hours. I can only hope that I offer him the strength and support that he did for me when I was facing serious surgeries.

Thanks to all of you who have tracked me down, left me messages, called me on the phone, and joined me face-to-face in this last six weeks I have been off-the-grid.

I hope that these first two weeks of 2015 have been filled with many blessings for you.


Original content written by Coral Levang
© 2015 All rights reserved.

Photo credit: License: CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use / No attribution required





4 thoughts on “Catching Up in the Wee Hours

  1. Jackie

    It’s important to get clarity, we all need it. I do wish and hope that everything comes together soon, can hardly wait to see and hear you.

  2. Val Mills

    Finally made it here 🙂 I’m making a renewed effort on my own blog as I downsize my commitment to both Bubblews and Persona paper.

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