Ten Days without Facebook

Yes, it has been 10 days.  Some might say that is a big challenge.

Quite honestly, though I have missed some of the people I enjoy on a regular basis, I do not miss much of being on Facebook.

What is also quite “funny” is that I have talked to a few people, and I mentioned to them that I was no longer on the site.

The response: “Oh, I hadn’t noticed.”

There were two people who emailed me within a day of leaving who asked me if I was okay. They noticed.

And I have two other people who have called and have gotten together for a bite to eat.  They had not noticed, but we are in regular contact.

What will be the future for me and Facebook?   I am not quite sure just yet.

But for now, let me just say that the break has been great.  And to be honest…

I haven’t really noticed.



4 thoughts on “Ten Days without Facebook

  1. David Golias

    Coral! I did notice…and I miss you! I realized I had neither your email addy nor your cell # so I tracked you down here. (Email address removed from public view by the site owner for the privacy of the guest.) Hope you are well and hope to return to Seattle in 2016!

    1. David, I miss you, as well. There are many I miss. I have written you, and hope you received it. And looking forward to 2016!! I still plan on being around! 😉

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