NET Awareness Day

TODAY, November 10, is NET /Carcinoid Cancer Awareness Day.

Most people simply do not know much or have never heard of carcinoid cancer, including many medical professionals. There are some under-informed professionals who do not give accurate information.

It is important for us all to arm ourselves with knowledge and share that knowledge. We share responsibility as human beings to help one another.

So, I ask you to bookmark some websites, and come back to read them.  Share them with others. And don’t let it just be one day a year.

We need to be as fervent about getting the word out about this cancer, as we have been about breast cancer. The zebra ribbon deserves as much recognition as the pink ribbon.

It has been said that carcinoid cancer/neuroendocrine tumors are “rare.”  I disagree with this, as I (and others I now know in the medical community) believe they are “rarely diagnosed.”  Because they are regularly misdiagnosed or we are not taken seriously in our symptoms, most of us are at the stage IV level by the time we have even been introduced to the words, “carcinoid cancer.”

Please begin to wear a pin, a wristband, or a zebra ribbon.  Please go to these websites and learn all you can, download and print and then pass out fact sheets.  Please start by sharing the stories of the “zebras” that you know.  You likely know more than you think you do.  But you now know me.

We need you to help us.  Just like you have done with many other recognized ribbons for a variety of causes.

We zebras cannot do it alone, and this zebra thanks you for your support and help in getting this information out there.





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