Sunday’s Random Thoughts–November 9, 2014

Sometimes, the best days are when you do nothing in particular. I had that kind of day with my daughter today.

It might sound like “no big deal” to many, but it has been many years since we have had this kind of day regularly, the reasons why no longer important. The most important thing (to me) is that I have spent the day with her doing nothing in particular.

Nothing in particular meant sampling products at Costco and a slice of combination pizza for lunch. We found contact lens cleaning solution for her.

Nothing in particular can take on many forms in many places.

Nothing in particular took us to Eddie Bauer Outlet, and Goodwill.  At Goodwill, we found a brand new raincoat with a liner for her, and wooden artists’ easels for me.

Nothing in particular took us to World Market where she helped to load up a coffee table I had purchased earlier in the week, but had to pick up over the weekend.

Nothing in particular was a movie at a theatre off-base, where we saw “The Book of Life” for a grand total of $26, with no concessions.  I teased her about being an expensive date, comparing a double feature with popcorn and a drink at the base theatre earlier that weekend for 15 percent of that.  It was fun, however, glancing over at her with 3-D glasses on, and the two of us watching an animated film together, both of us as grown women.

Nothing in particular was going to a Chinese buffet for dinner before driving her back to catch the ferry back to Seattle.

Nothing in particular was talking about everything and nothing, laughing and sharing, and with a sense of comfortableness that I have not felt often with her in the last two decades.

Tonight I go to sleep with nothing in particular on my mind, but a big smile on my face and a knowing that everything we did today was something very special.




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