Car Accidents–Tip of the Iceberg

This afternoon our family had a big scare. My 17-year-old granddaughter was involved in a serious car accident. Though I do not have all the details of the story, here is what I do know:

  • Car fishtails
  • Rolled car twice
  • Car hits pole
  • Head hits driver’s window and breaks (the window)
  • Driver wearing her seatbelt
  • Taken to Seattle-based hospital emergency/trauma center
  • Alert, but scared
  • Stitches involved
  • X-rays done of spine and other parts; all checks out fine
  • Banged up and will be bruised and sore, but did not even break a nail, and she is now on the mend
  • Can go back to work on Monday

Other than that, I know how much events will affect a circle in one’s life that far-outreach the nuclear family of parents and children.

The moment I heard the news this afternoon, I was on social media asking the groups that are support to me to keep her in their thoughts and prayers.  Within minutes, there were positive messages flowing freely.

Never should we forget how our circles of influence can be of great positive and supportive energy, and we can use that to bring about good things.  The reverse is true, as well.

Though bad things happen to us in life, it is up to us to remain positive in the face of it and always move forward in a spirit of love and joy and life.  That’s how we get through the tough times in life.  At times, we may need to reach out to help or offer support.

We will all encounter negative situations and mean, spiteful people, scary moments, tragedies, and many other challenges in life.  Sometimes, we have to make unpopular decisions, choosing discomfort in order to move past being stuck. Or we have situations happen to us that we cannot control, but simply have to go through in order to grow through them.

People do not always understand these situations, agree with decisions, or even accept what happens gracefully.  Some will play victim and pull away into their cocoons of anti-social behavior, and others will retaliate in order to do everything in their power to avoid looking at the situation objectively for fear of having to take responsibility for a part they play in the end result. There are so many responses that are possible.

Yet somehow, some human beings have a way to move beyond the events in life and survive situation where they can look back and say…

“Wow!  I am damned lucky! But that was f***ing scary!”

My granddaughter learned one of the most important lessons in life today.  Thankfully, she has walked away with a few battle scars to prove she has been in the fight, but otherwise relatively unscathed.

And her Gramma is relieved it was not more difficult.  And I can rest assured that she will be okay, knowing that this young woman is a pretty tough cookie and can handle what life dishes out with a clear sense of reality, responsibility and possibility.

Yes, she, who is my granddaughter, will be okay.


6 thoughts on “Car Accidents–Tip of the Iceberg

  1. Hi Coral! I am remiss at catching up, so Unfortunately I did not see your request this morning. I am certainly glad that your niece has not suffered really grave injuries. It is always wonderful to have the support of friends and family, when life’s journey causes us challenges & duress! Please keep us posted! Big hugs, J

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