Sunday’s Random Thoughts–October 26th, 2014

Here it is, another Sunday.  We quickly count down to the end of another year with only nine more Sundays. By this time next week, most of us will have set our clocks back one hour.

We fool ourselves into thinking that we have one more hour to sleep, to do something that needs to be done, or to live.  We trick ourselves somehow into thinking we gain something by attempting to go back and do it again.

Time Flies — From MorgueFile Free photos

There are no “do-overs.”

All that we have lived through cannot be undone.  There is no magic wand to make it all go away.  No magic potion to make us forget. No back button to undo what we have done. No time machine by which we can conveniently set time back to retrieve what we missed the first time-around.  We can most certainly learn from our experiences.

It is in the most painful of experiences that we learn the toughest of our lessons.

Even in the midst of our deepest anguish, we still forget that we take the time we have for granted. We get so caught up in how we have been wronged, what we must do to survive, and what is important to us in the moment, that we forget that time will still tick away minute-after-minute, until the hours and days have passed.

Learning to balance life and the time we have to do what want to do, take care of what we need to manage, and maintain the relationships with those who are important to us, can be tricky business.  The one thing that is constant is that time passes.

The older we get, time seems to pass more quickly.

We cannot gain back the hours, days, months or years of time spent on unfinished projects, sleepless nights, poor business decisions, or bad marriages. Nor can we undo what we have done or un-speak words already spoken.  What we can do is make our amends, however we deem is best and necessary, and move on.

But let us never forget that we also have a responsibility to use the time in a way that will bring about that which we say we want. We cannot shortcut for fear of losing more time.

Most importantly, may we always remember never to take for granted the clock that ticks.  Not only for ourselves but for all.

The greatest gift we can give one another is our time. 

One day we will realize that time has flown, that life ends, and there simply is no going back to let others know how much we loved them.


Five Things You Cannot Recover in Life

1.) A stone after it’s thrown  

2.) A word after it’s said

  3.) An occasion after it’s missed

4.) Time after it’s gone

5.) Trust after it’s lost

~Author Unknown~





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