Sunday’s Random Thoughts–October 12th, 2014

Throughout my life, I have had a keen sense of intuition about people.  I am not sure that I was born with it, but rather it developed throughout the years.  I think that it is more from observing patterns of behavior and seeing these patterns over and over again. It does not take much to understand the nature of this world and the people in it, if you step back and observe.

This is true in looking at others, but also introspectively. We must be willing to look at what we also do.

I remember a time when I would jump to react and allow others’ bad behaviors to eat at me.  I was not adept at simple, appropriate response, setting my boundaries and dealing with them.  Others and their competitive reactions seemed to ignite my own immature need to win.  Looking back over my 59 years, I see the roles I played in those reactions.

I learned some valuable lessons throughout these last four decades.  Some came with the expense of great pain.  I learned that when people come at a situation as competitors, needing to win, that no one truly wins.  Ever.

Our society seems to feed into the competition frenzy.

I think that healthy competition is perfectly acceptable and can teach someone values of good sportsmanship and working hard for a goal.

However, when we go after a “win,” at all expense,  too often one is trying to exercise dominance or incite fear. It is a form of bullying and control.  It is despicable, and we are all capable of the behavior, if we do not keep it in check.

We see it daily in the news and other media nowadays–domestic violence, terrorism, and extortion.  Reality television to illuminate the flaws of humankind. Even the video gaming that our adolescents and teens play.

Maybe I am simply at that place in life where I am tired of the bull**** games I see, and how badly I see people treat one another,  especially those who speak words of love in one breath, and rancor in the next.  It sickens me.

Behaving in one’s life in order to find a means to an end is not the way to win.  It is filled with control, threats, lies. The game does not end there and it will always produce loss.

However, when we learn how to truly love humankind and, yet, be true to ourselves, we begin to LIVE.

My hope for humankind is that more of us learn this lesson sooner than later.



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