And the Verdict Is…

I had my blood work and MRI today at UWMC.  I really do appreciate the team of people they have working there.  They listen to me.

I tend to be a “hard stick,” and usually I have Mario do the dirty deed to start my IV.  He wasn’t there today.  Daniel, the MRI Supervisor did it instead.

I have to admit, I was impressed.  He got it the first time.  I can also say that I wasn’t nearly as stressed out going in for that IV as I usually am.  Perhaps, that had something to do with my veins cooperating?

The MRI was as it usually is.  Twenty minutes of holding still, breathing in and blowing out to hold my breath as the machine does its thing.

After the MRI, Daniel called down to the lab and the technician came up to draw the blood for the serotonin and chromogranin A (sp?) levels, as well as the other things for which they usually test.

My appointment with my favorite doctor, James Oh Park, my liver specialist is usually always fun.  He lets me give him a hard time, and seems to appreciate my sense of humor.  Of course, I push it a little bit in front of the interns.  I figure if they are going to be doctors working with patients on their own, they need to be prepared for those of us who can be more animated.

So, the preliminary results are in.  In these past eight months, since the last MRI, the liver tumors are stable and there is no evidence of any new lesions.  Of course, the radiologist has yet to finalize the report, which I should have in a few days.

Dr. Park said that because we have more than two years of minimal growth (about 4mm if I did the math correctly), that we can look at my next MRI/blood work/appointment in one year.  Of course, if something were to change in my health, I would be back sooner, but I am holding out for the year!

As well, the blood work came back with liver and kidney functions normal, still a tad low on potassium (eat more bananas), and we will wait for the other levels, which will be high with the liver tumors active.

As long as things are relatively stable, I do not see the need at this time to go in for the liver resection.  Yes, I wish the damned things were just gone, stable or not.  But, I do not want to put myself through that surgery until such time that it seems necessary. It seems that the symptoms are managed well with my diet and the monthly shot of sandostatin.

So, there you have it.  I guess I still have more life to live.


6 thoughts on “And the Verdict Is…


    Hi Coral! I am away, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers! I am delighted to hear of the positive test results! I am ‘over-the-moon’ for you! Such a relief! You are such a brave and resilient Zebra! Thank-you for sharing! I love you, and am continually inspired by what you say, how you live your life, and what you share in your written musings! God Bless, Sweetheart! Hugs, Jewels

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