Labor Day Weekend Over and Tomorrow Is the MRI

I can hardly believe that it is September already and the end of Labor Day weekend.  My birthday month is over, and the weather will be turning cooler before long.  I already notice the days becoming shorter far too quickly.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for my MRI and blood work to see what has gone on this past eight months with the liver tumors and to see if there is anything else that is of concern.

My last MRI was on January 8th, and things were stable for the most part. (To read:  And here we are, two months farther along than the six-month schedule I was on for the last (nearly) two years.

I can honestly say that I have not been as stressed out this year about this Carcinoid Cancer, as I was since my diagnosis in May of 2012.  Perhaps, I am coming to grips with what life really is, and that mortality is everyone’s destiny.  Yes, even my own.

I have made a conscious effort to not allow myself to fret about the symptoms I experience, as they pass.  I am becoming more savvy as to the cause of them, often times responsive to my diet.

And tomorrow afternoon, I will be meeting again the people who poke and prod, start IVs and draw blood, put me through the machine, fill me with dye, read results, and give me the latest preliminary findings, ask me about any new symptoms, and we shall talk about what is next.

It would be untruthful to say that I am not nervous.  I am not sure that one ever gets over that feeling.  But I can walk in to the medical center knowing that I am prepared for whatever will be shared, and will deal with it, as necessary.

I do wish, however, that somewhere around the world someone would find a cure for this disease called, “cancer.”  And I wish more people recognized that there are more colored ribbons than just one or two colors.


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