Another Birthday: 59 and Time to Shine

10577148_10152632930742451_1949963698388710712_n  Another birthday has come and is nearly over, though I use my August to celebrate each day as a reminder to find something in each day that is good. Today I celebrated another day, another year, another birthday.  Two years ago, there were many of us who were not too sure that I would see the end of the year, let alone another birthday.  And here I am, now at the age of 59, getting ready to enter into my second day of what will be my 60th year of life.

Life is one of those things that I have taken for granted so much of the time.  I know that I am not alone in that, as it takes some of us a bit longer to realize what is truly important. I have certainly come to understand it much better.  I still wish that I had more influence in this world, so that others do not have to take so long and waste as much precious time as I have over the years.

Rather than ruminate on that, I will simply say that I am so grateful to have lived two more years of life, and my plan is to get another decade or two out of it.  But for now, I shall simply enjoy this last year before the next milestone.

And I must admit, I don’t think I look half-bad for an old gal of 59.  In fact, I don’t think I look half-bad at all.  There are just some things that get better with age.


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