When you add a little heat…

…amazing transformations take place.

This certainly happens with glass, as you can see from the pictures of the first firing of my initial projects.

There is another firing yet, where these pieces will be “slumped.”   This is a technique which will shape them over a mold and they will be subjected to the same high temperatures in the kiln. These two flat pieces will be transformed into a small dish.


The first firing 060214


Personal growth is often like that, as well.   We may feel that our lives are “flat” and have no depth.  Or perhaps, we have endured so many challenges that we feel that we have been left shattered with nothing more than a few shards to proved that we ever existed. Can we take those broken pieces that seemingly have no other use to us and turn them into something functional, or magnificent and beautiful?

We must begin to look beyond our own pain, fear and ego to be able to push past the discomfort. Until we do, we never can see what is truly possible.

Is it time for you to turn up the heat?

© Copyright 2014 – All Rights Reserved, Author Coral Levang
Photo credit: Julie Misterian, co-owner of Misterian Roses




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