The coup loses its power with a smile

A “coup d’état” has been taking over my day, my body, and my week off.

As I look at the challenge for the day, it was to try to rid myself of whatever it is that is trying to claim my time this week.  Unfortunately, though I rested and drank plenty of liquids, amped up on vitamin C, and did my best to drink plenty of broth and eat some lean protein and vegetables, things are settling into my chest.

I did make my way reluctantly out the door for a drive into Lakewood, which is about an hour drive one way for me.  I have a friend who administers my Octreotide LAR shot once a month for me, and it was “my time of the month” for that injection.   Even though I felt like garbage, seeing he and his wife and their little boy for a few minutes is always a joy.

So many people, when feeling poorly, act in a way that brings others down.  No matter what we are feeling, it is important to be able to find some joy in life.

Tonight I shared with them some pictures, and a recording from 60 years ago that is very special to me. My friends thought it was a picture of me, but it was actually my mother.  I felt especially close to my Mom tonight, because of it.

And I realized that no matter how poorly we feel, we can bring a smile to others’ faces, and they to ours.

Now, back to resisting this coup…

Goodnight, my friends.


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