Art projects are my challenge for the day

First Project OrangeTurq Small Bowl Stage 1  053114


Challenges come in many forms.  My challenge today came in an art form.

Today’s challenge reached down and grabbed me in a place I have not dealt with   in a very long time. I have never felt comfortable where art projects are concerned.

I went to a glass studio to make my first glass projects.  The owners of the studio are sisters, and have become friends of mine.

I was with two other friends, one of whom has done it before.  The other went for the first time.  The owners of the shop are also friends.

The initial beginner project gives the opportunity to make two small projects that will be each be a “bowl” to use for candles or candies or whatever I choose to do with them.

At first, I was excited about it.  But as I get into doing anything artistic, I find myself shutting down, closing myself off, and not wanting to proceed.   I actually started to feel a lump in my throat and wanted to cry today.

I suppose I should start to write about the reasons why, but I am not quite ready yet to delve into the anxiety that I associate with art of any kind.  I will in due time.

I did finish putting the two projects together, ready to go into the kiln.  I am not yet certain that they will look “good enough” after firing that I will be proud enough to display them.  I also did not like that I was comparing mine to the others my friends were putting together.

So, here are the beginnings of my attempt at glass art.  I will share the next two stages, once I receive the pictures.

I really need to learn not to be so hard on myself where artistic expression is concerned.

First Project BrownBlue Small Bowl 053114 Stage 1



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