From A to Zebra

I tackled a writing project to describe myself using the alphabet as my prompt.  Several of my writer friends suggested it, and I put my own spin on it.

I used the ABC method as a tool to assist my clients in a way to build a list of things to say, when they feel “stuck.”  It is an exercise that is difficult for many of them.

Because I believe that I cannot ask another to do something I will not try myself, it only seemed fair that I take the project on myself.  The twist for me was that I could not use anything to describe myself that I would go down a negative trail.  It made the exercise particularly difficult sometimes, because it is easy for us to think of the things others seem to dislike about us.

We begin to use adjectives that describe behavior as words to describe who we are as  human beings.  We use those words to negate or excuse bad behavior. Or maybe, we do not know how to shed ourselves of those labels others give to us.

Though difficult, I did finally finish with this project.  I  went back to read all of the series  and am mostly satisfied with the words I chose to describe myself and for the reasons why.

What 26 words would you have used?  Are any of them the same as those I chose to describe me?

Even if you are not a blogger, this exercise is one from which we all can benefit.

The ABCs of Me…

Have a great weekend!


(To read the first of the series click here.   The others are listed in the first of the series.)


00 a zebraPhoto credit:  MorgueFile





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