Where there was hope…

Two years ago today, a friend of mine from the Navy and I reconciled our friendship after 15 years of estrangement.  Unfortunately, last July she ended it again.  But I am so blessed having had one year again with her.  Sue came back into my life at a moment I needed it most and helped life teach me so many lessons I had yet to learn, and to reconcile some of what I had yet to understand.

Two years ago today, I walked into the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in Seattle, Washington a frightened, uncertain and sad woman. Two weeks earlier, I was told I would not likely be alive today.

Two years ago today, I left SCCA that afternoon still afraid and uncertain, but I was not nearly so sad.  My head was still spinning, but in a different direction with new knowledge. I had been challenged to think much differently.

Two years ago today, that appointment saved my life, and I stopped giving my shit away and started living, no matter what the ultimate outcome.

Two years later, I want to thank Dr. David Byrd at SCCA for seeing me at last minute, giving me new information, helping me to challenge my thoughts and information that I had given by another doctor.  I thank him for giving me hope, and introducing me to Dr. James Park at UWMC.

Two years later, I also want to thank Dr. Susan Franklin for allowing me a year of a renewed friendship to reconnect and realize what it means to love another person even when it’s just for a reason.

Two years ago today, I began to hope.  Two years ago, I began to LIVE.


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