How I Want for You to Remember Me

Earlier this morning, I wrote “How I Want to Be Remembered” on my other blog/journal site.  I  do not usually share the same things at each site, but some are important enough to do so, I think.

Firstly, I want to let you know that I have no plans whatsoever of dying any time soon.  Having gotten past the craziness of what others say that scares the hell out of us is definitely a victory in and of itself.  My goal is to get to 70 or beyond.  There are many of us with diagnoses and ailments who do.

But I do think that we must all, no matter who we are, start thinking about what mark we want to leave on this world when it is our turn to leave our earthly form.  I wish that I would have been encouraged as a youngster to approach life in that way.  My life might have been very different than today, though I am glad that it is what it is now in spite of the disappointments.

Perhaps these words that I wrote a few hours ago will spark a thought that others may have never begun to consider.

And please tell me…what do you want the world to remember about you?

Peace, joy and laughter,


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I say this often: “We are all in the same war….the war is LIFE. The battles we fight are just different.”

We do not always come out the victor in the battles. Where we find victory is in the war.

We are born to die. That is inevitable, so it is what we claim in life that we leave as our legacy by which to be remembered. That’s it. The stories people will tell about us when we are gone.

I want them to have good stories about me. Stories that will make them laugh. Ones that will say, “If she could go through that with a smile on her face and laughing as she got up after being knocked down, then I certainly can do it too.”

I want others to have stories that remind them that I cared about them. Stories that showed that I cared about others enough not to let them wallow in the miseries of life, but call them to look beyond the challenges they face. Stories where they can find something positive–the best in any and every situation, no matter how hard it seems.

These are the things for which I want to be remembered, whether it may be tomorrow or 20 years from tomorrow when this life ends for me. I want to be remembered for making people smile and laugh when they thought there was no more laughter.

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Photo credit: Family photo from August 2013


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