Today was my mother’s birthday…

She would have been 80 years of age had she not passed away in June of 2011.

Yesterday, I remembered one of the surprises I set up for her 50th birthday.  She was not appreciative of the things I did to try to make her smile.  She saw it as “trying to embarrass (her),” which was never, ever my intent.

Mom and I did not understand one another well.  Unfortunately, neither of us knew how to bridge that gap. We were both very stubborn when it came to dealing with the other.

I hope that  she knew in her last few months of life just how much I really did love her.


2 thoughts on “Today was my mother’s birthday…

  1. I’m sure she did know how much you loved her. Sorry for loss, I lost my Mom about 4 years ago and understand the special days. Birthdays, she and Dad’s anniversary.

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