January Bloodwook and MRI: The Preliminary Results

When I met with my specialist in the afternoon, he pulled up the pictures to show me on the screen. Although it needs to be read by a radiologist and the report written, my doctor said, “By my calculations, it appears that there are no new primary tumors, and it does not seem that the liver tumors have grown.”

He also shared what blood work he had back: “Liver function, kidney function, all of it is “normal,” though your potassium is a little low. Eat a banana.”

We are now awaiting the radiology report, and results of the specialty tests off to see what else might be going on to cause the chronic bowel issue…

(For more of the story, CLICK HERE)


4 thoughts on “January Bloodwook and MRI: The Preliminary Results

  1. peter nicotera

    Coral, you don’t know me but your dad has always been one of my mentors..even if he isn’t aware of it (I’m also a professional guitarist of over 40 years)..My girl friend had a bout with cancer about 10 years ago and has completely beaten it..you sound to me like you have the same outlook as she had..Just a thumbs up !! Please post your progress..I know you can beat it too! My very best to you and your dad. Peter Nicotera (NJ)

      1. Peter Nicotera

        Thank you for replying Coral, I know it takes time to answer these! You are an inspiration to all of us..I’m sure your dad and family are very proud of you. Its inspiring for myself , who at the moment am fairly healthy, to see your strength and attitude. Thank you for sharing a personal aspect of your life with so many of us..its a fine example for us all! Peter

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