This past year I have spent so much time doing.

Working, playing, learning and all the other things that have required me to act…

as if I were dying tomorrow.


In this rat race called, “Life,” I want something new for 2014.

I want enough.


Enough joy, sadness, laughter, and tears to make me feel alive, empathetic, and able to share the vulnerable part of me.

Enough anger and outrage to keep me from becoming too complacent.

Enough contentment and peace to seek out the quietness of my heart and soul.

Enough to keep me fed, clothed and warm, so I need not worry.

Enough friends to feel loved and to love.

Enough sleep to be rested and able to give enough of myself.

Enough moments to sing, dance, write, and create.

Enough hugs to make up for the times when I did not get enough.

Enough time to feel, share, rest and live, so I can have enough to feed my soul.


I simply want enough.


Silverdale, WA December 31, 2013







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