Remembering Bridget Spence a Year Later

One year ago today, I wrote about a very special project.  It was started to honor a wonderful woman, Bridget Spence.  She was 29-years-old and had battled breast cancer for eight years.

A Pearl to Bridget Project” began as a way to, not only honor Bridget’s request that she not be forgotten, but to allow others who knew her or of her, especially through the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk for  breast cancer awareness, to share their love of this woman and to keep her spirit alive as she faced the end of her life on this earth.

Bridget was a “pearl of a woman”  (Bridget Spence: A Pearl of a Woman)  and we were all touched by her love, and saddened by her passing on April 4th, 2013, just a couple of months before her 30th birthday. She left us all with so many wonderful memories and an example of how life is to be lived.

Through this project, we also learned just how many “gems” are out there in this world.  As humans, we don’t always recognize them as such, as they are often “diamonds in the rough.”

Each and every one of us in this world has something to contribute. Sometimes, it is obvious.  But at other times, we are hard-pressed to recognize it.  This is true whether we are looking at ourselves or others.

Today as I remember Bridget Spence and the project that brought so many other pearls and gems together, I want never to forget just how impacting one person can be.

Just as one tiny droplet falling into a pool of water causes a “ripple” that reaches much further than might be visible, we each can have the same effect.  Once the droplet reaches the pool, there is no distinction between the genesis of the drop and the greater.

Let us all remember how much one person can have influence things for good. The power of one. And we can each make that choice at any time.

Just like Bridget Spence.


4 thoughts on “Remembering Bridget Spence a Year Later

  1. Judy Veron

    Once again, I am grateful for your insightful wisdom. Whenever I am feeling “needy” or “questioning”, it seems all I need is to ‘seek, and ye shall find’. How poignant you should choose to post this today! Thank you for being the ONE droplet whose ripple swelled to fulfill me. Blessings!

  2. How True… Thank you for being such a Gem & for all that you did to help us get the word out about the ” Pearl to Bridget Project “. Bridget will Never be Forgotten, Thanks to your Beautiful words & those written by others, as well as the personal connections & work she did while she was with us… We all have the power of “ONE ” no matter who we are… May we Never Forget the Power we have to Touch another Life… ❤

    1. Malinda…we are all so very much connected, and when we begin to live true to ourselves and our purpose, great things take place.

      Bridget set an example for me to follow, and I will never forget the words she spoke in her March 2, 2012 speech at the Komen Leadership Conference–“…I am LIVING with cancer and I am living fully.” Hearing those words last year, changed how I view my own struggle, as did “When I first started…I did so to prove that doctor wrong.” She followed that up with, “…but I’m (no longer) doing it to prove anyone wrong…you have to take stock of your life. If I die tomorrow, what will I leave behind?…no matter how my story ends, I know that I’ve left the world a better place than I found it.”

      Thank you, Malinda, for also touching my life. You have made a difference.

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