Christmas Eve

On the Eve of Christmas, when most are out tra-la-la-ing, I am now at home.

I returned from some last minute shopping not quite an hour ago. (It is now 6 p.m.) This was the first Christmas Eve ever that I was trying to beat the clock before everything closed. I needed a couple of things from the grocery store, and I had one more gift to get one of the little ones in my life. Dora the Explorer helped with that last venture!

I also decided to buy myself a few gifts, all on sale: Two each cream-colored bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths; and a new Oster toaster, not-in-the-box demo model for half price.

My daughter and I talked the other day about Christmas dinner so that it will be easier for all concerned, and we can simply enjoy the company of a small family gathering. We decided to do some of the cooking ahead so that we can simply reheat once I arrive.

I have already cooked the ham and sliced it. I will make the mashed potatoes and the gravy shortly and it will be ready to transport tomorrow. Rather than do the bacon-wrapped asparagus, which was a big hit at Thanksgiving, I am taking the easy way. Frozen peas and corn will be the standby. Bacon-wrapped asparagus does not need a special occasion and will likely be made several other times during the year.

My daughter will make the green salad, a jello salad, and the cornbread. I think Costco is making the pumpkin pie, and her Dad will bring the green bean casserole, as our grandson will eat no other unless his Grandpa makes it.

We have a rather non-traditional family. There is no longer the angst that often follows break-ups of families. I know so many people who feel they have to choose one person over another, or go through multiple celebrations to keep them apart so no one wants to “kill” one another (figuratively speaking). So, for all of our problems of the past, the fact that we can all come together on holidays is one of the things for which I am truly grateful.

Now that I live out on the Kitsap Peninsula, I will take the ferry across the Puget Sound to get to my daughter’s home in the Seattle area. I love the ferry ride, even waiting in-line for the next ferry does not bother me. I think one gets used to it when living here. It is part of the Pacific Northwest “culture.”

So, this evening I will peel, boil and mash potatoes, and make the gravy and get everything ready to pack up for tomorrow. I also have a few gifts to wrap.

And though I will not be wrapping my towels and toaster, I will wash and dry the towels and hang them, and will try out my new toaster tonight. I feel like having poached eggs and sourdough toast for Christmas Eve dinner.

There are advantages to living alone and over an hour drive from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities where I know everyone. Tonight I will take a long, luxurious bath, put on my pajamas and catch one of the traditional Christmas shows on television, which I rarely watch. I do not have to be anywhere, but can simply relax tonight.

Merry Christmas to me!

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