An Evening with Mark Nepo at Harmony Hill

On Saturday, I had the good fortune to spend a full day at Harmony Hill Retreat Center in Union, WA for their 2013 Survivorship Fair and then attend the Summer Gala that night.

Mark Nepo, author and poet, was the Keynote Speaker at both events.  I so appreciate his messages and writings.  I purchased both of his newest books, which he inscribed and signed.  We had a moment to chat and I am grateful for his outlook on life.

I am so amazed at the events that have been happening for me lately.  Despite a couple of recent disappointments, I am being blessed abundantly with great friendships and opportunities to connect with others who love, accept and support me in all that I am (or am not, as the case may be).  I am feeling more at peace than I have in a very long time.  (I am reminded of the song lyrics, “…peaceful, easy feeling…”)

Learning to live each day as it comes and looking for the goodness in each moment has been the gift that comes with a diagnosis such as mine.  Learning to surrender is not always easy, but it certainly is rewarding.

My wish for those I know and love is that they learn these lessons before they receive the toughest of challenges…

…as I also wish for you, who stop by to visit me here.

Peace to you.

(To read the full story of my experience at the Fair and Gala with Mark Nepo:  Click here )

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