Story, connection and power

In the wee hours this morning, I wrote a piece for my “August Full of Birthdays” challenge.  I would like to share just a part of that with you:

During this past week’s class, I was very direct in my closing remarks, imploring them to “tell your stories, because that is how you will begin to heal.” I was even surprised to hear those particular words come out of my mouth.

When I read Christina’s words to me (in response to my concerns about this week’s class) they reached in and grabbed my heart: “We could tell that you care by the passion that you spoke with. I personally needed to hear you speak. Even though I should not need to write a resume or go to an interview because of my personal plans… But most importantly you showed me that’s it is ok to be my true self and that like you I can over come my challenges in life. I wish I could have heard you speak 10 years ago when I was starting out, you have inspired me. Thank you.”

Thank you, Christina, for having the courage to share your story here with me. And I have no other words of my own, so I quote you: “However, you cracked the door and told that little girl inside of me that I locked away so long ago when my mother told me that I can’t do something or I wasn’t good enough that ‘I could’ and ‘I was’.”

Just a few moments ago, I read Ronna Detrick’s (my friend and colleague) post “The Power of Story”. This week I’m hearing stories from current  women in my life and in stories told by women from the past.

And yesterday, August 23rd which marked my anniversary 40 years earlier of stepping out to independence, was the day that my granddaughter–someone who is more like me than she even yet realizes– spent her first day of being on her own as she started her freshmen year at university several hours away in Oregon.

Is there anything such as coincidence?

Some people attribute this to some sort of supernatural divine intervention.  Others might say that it is simply an energy that bounces off of us all.  Perhaps, the stars are all in alignment.  I do not know.

It is simply an odd phenomenon that related events, topics and timing hold so many similarities.

The “power of story,” indeed!


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