Do You Remember 40 Years Ago?

I do.  I remember back that far. I don’t think that I ever thought that I would be this old.  Funny, I don’t see myself as old.

But 40 years ago today, I was on a plane on my way to San Antonio Texas.  I had joined the military. Today, I found myself reminiscing in “Forty Years Ago Today.”

So many things have changed in the 40 years since I found myself in Basic Training in the August heat of Texas.

But one thing has not changed…

I am still the same person who gets teary-eyed and stands just a little taller when I hear the National Anthem  played or hear someone else take the same Oath of Enlistment  that I did 40 years ago.

What were you doing four decades ago?


To read the full story,  “Forty Years Ago Today.”

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2 thoughts on “Do You Remember 40 Years Ago?

  1. Melinda Sheffield

    Forty years ago, I was sweet 16. I had a boyfriend, John. I thought he was so handsome. He seemed to adore me. Of course, I was crushed when we broke up. I’ve always thought, you never love again, like you did with your first love.

    Forty years ago, I totaled my Mom’s ’69 Delta 88, with a 455 engine. Naughty girl, I had skipped out on Wednesday night youth group at church, to head to the “Dog House” for a hotdog. It was a bit of a drizzly Halloween night in Pittsburgh, PA. I was very familiar with the road and the trolley tracks that crossed. I looked left, right, then left again. Then BOOM! Where did that damn thing come from??? Obviously I missed that one, shining headlight. Good old Mom took it well. Her baby wrecked Mom’s car, and the next car wasn’t as nice, but Mom never brought it up in my face.

    Ta Daaaa!!!

    1. Ah, yes. My first love was Denis D. I was the one that broke his heart though. I had no idea how to truly love back in those days. I think it took me much longer than most, too, as I think I’m just now really figuring that one out. Thanks for sharing your story, Melinda!

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