Another Birthday

I was born at 6:01 p.m. Pacific time on August 10th.

I imagine that my mother was not sleeping well about this time (3:15 a.m.), as she was starting the laboring process. I am sure she wondered what it would be like to be a mother. Would the baby be a boy or girl?

I was to be her first-born of five children. I was her only child for three and a half years.

Sometimes, I wonder what life was like for us as a family back then. I was never told the stories–good ones. Those, which were not so good, were swept under the rug and were forbidden territory about which to ask questions.

Here I am in the wee hours, as she was, laboring in my thoughts and wondering what life holds in store for me in the upcoming year. Will there be more birthdays to follow?

There are many things I have planned to accomplish today and I am going to spend time with friends at their annual summer bash. But for now, I simply need to shut my brain down and try to sleep.

Before I do, I want to send this message to my mother, wherever she is:

Thank you, Mom, for giving me life 58 years ago today. And thank you for loving me in the ways that you knew how to do so. I hope that I made you proud.


Copyright © 2013 Coral Levang, and not to be used without permission.

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6 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. Anita Carr

    Happy Birthday Coral. I wish you a day of happiness surrounded by those who love you! I use to call my mother up on my birthday and thank her for having me. She is no longer with me and I just celebrated my “59th” and felt a bit of a loss that I couldn’t call her. This is a beautiful tribute and I am sure your mother is looking over you and is proud of all your accomplishments. Just remember, life is for living. And live it to your best. Enjoy your day and spoil you! Happy Birthday!

  2. I hope that you have a blessed birthday and many more to come. I am sure your Mum is proud of you, I know I would be.

    This year my oldest son turned seven, I kept joking with him telling him he had to wait until 20:10 on the day before he could actually celebrate – the fact that you mentioned your time of birth reminded me of that.

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