Sleep and dignity elude me

Here we are again in the wee hours. When everyone else is sleeping, but sleep eludes me. I lie down in my bed and that is when my mind starts to race. I start to think about all the things that I am able to shut out of my mind during the day. During the busy-ness of the day.

I had my shot of Octreotide on Monday. This drug is supposed to cut down on my symptoms produced by these serotonin-producing tumors on my liver and wherever else they may be in my neuroendocrine system. Unfortunately, the effects of this drug also produce a few days of extreme intestinal discomfort and all that accompanies it.

There is no dignity in being human.


Copyright © 2013 Coral Levang and originally written for my account at as “Dear Diary, 8/8/2013”


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