One of Life’s Teaching Moments

There are times in life that can seem overwhelming.

It may be a situation or a person that is at the crux of the experience; something or someone over which we clearly have no influence. We can certainly allow ourselves to become overwhelmed, ruled by the feelings that the words we hear from others conjure up in our minds.

This is when life’s teaching moments seem to become most difficult to maneuver, as we try to make sense of the moments that we never saw coming and emotionally blindside us.

Indeed, it is important to be open to see where we might grow and improve as individuals, and in relationship to those people we love. We need to take personal inventory from time-to-time, not to force change but to understand how change may be a force for good.

How wonderful it is when opportunities for open, direct, honest communication can be created, where each party is afforded an equal chance to speak from a position of love and honor of oneself, as well as of the other.  Each person willing to hear the other to learn and understand.

There are times, however, when one will not be willing. One will speak their truth, but reciprocity denied. There will be no allowance to understand or be understood.

There will be nothing that the other can do.

And for whatever reason, when we allow others, their words and imposed situations, over which we are allowed no influence, to create chaos in our hearts, then we become no better than the confusion and craziness that is the source of the attack on our well-being.

“People can come into our lives, then leave without a moment’s notice. Each time someone new enters my life, I open a room for them in my heart. When they leave, the room remains. My heart is full of mostly empty rooms.” ― José N. Harris


One thought on “One of Life’s Teaching Moments

  1. Marianne Carlton

    Thanks, Coral. This thread perfectly describes a situation in which I am struggling right now. It is painful and frustrating to try and communicate honestly with the one who is so non-receptive, yet describes herself as “easy going, no worries, no problems.” In her entrenched passive-aggressive control mode, she sees no reason to communicate her thoughts or requirements, and looks at my requests as if I were absurd and unreasonable. It is a very unfortunate work situation for me, but I am steadily working toward my own balance, mindful of strong leadership such as yours, while regaining my own sense of me as of God’s kid, musician, spiritual child, sober and living my life one day at a time. You are a wonder in my world, Coral, and I deeply appreciate you. Marianne

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