Happy Birthday, Bridget Spence

Bridget Spence
Bridget Spence

Dear Bridget,

If I remember correctly, today would have been your 30th birthday.  It has been nearly four months since you passed from this earth.

Your legacy continues to live on through those who are involved in the 3-Day.  I see so many who post about the inspiration you are to them as they have prepared for their events.  So many are wearing pearls in your honor.  It’s heart-warming, sad and amazing all at the same time.

Life in all of its stages has some bittersweet moments.  You are definitely missed.

Those in the 3-Day community continue to show the courage you had in how they approach the event and life.  When I wrote “C is for Courage, Connection and Community (https://corallevang.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/c-is-for-courage-connection-and-community/), I do not think that I realized just how many lives any one of us has the power to reach. You have proven to me, otherwise.

There are so many times that I have thought about you and the spirit for life that you had.  I try to live each day with that in mind.

When I am feeling the most scared, I read back through your blog (http://mybiggirlpants.blogspot.com/) and learn from you and your journey.  You exhibited so much courage throughout yours.  I know you had your moments, as we all do, but you were amazing.

When I first listened to your speech on YouTube (which I try to listen to weekly), you said, “I am LIVING with Stage IV cancer.”  That was momentous for me.

I had heard you speak at events before, but you always said, “…Stage IV BREAST cancer.”  In that speech from last year, it was simply “cancer.”

It was in that moment that I realized that I needed to let go of the fear and stop thinking of myself as “dying from Stage IV cancer,” regardless of what the doctor told me.  And I have been living, indeed.  In fact, here I am almost 15 months later, and doing quite well.  If I may quote you again, “They didn’t know who they were dealing with!”

Bridget, my goal is to see my 70th birthday.  In a few weeks, it will be my 58th.

I know you did not quite make it to 30, but I want you know that there are many of us who celebrate you…for you….with you.   Because your spirit IS alive and well.

Happy Birthday, Bridget Spence.  You have not been forgotten.







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