Decision to Do an Experiment

One of the challenges I have faced in my life is how to be successful as a writer.  I recognize that success means many different things to many different people.

For me, success means (first and foremost) that I inspire others to think.  I am fairly confident that I do that, although I don’t always have evidence of that, except for the occasional person who shares it with me.

However, I’d like to figure out another way to have successes that have more tangible meaning, as well.  So, I want to have more consistency in my readers seeking out what I have to share, commenting or entering into discussion on my topics, increasing my numbers of readers and followers, and learning more about how to be successful as a writer, especially as our society has changed as technology has made it easier to do in some ways, and more difficult in others.

Of course, there is a functional element to wanting success in that I would also like to be able to bring in a source of revenue upon which I can count.

I know that I am a fairly good writer. Some have used words, such as:  “Amazing,” “Exceptional,” and other such words, which I don’t always buy on the emotional level.  Some have also called me, “Too wordy,” “verbose,” and other such descriptions. Maybe they are all accurate!

So, I have decided to try an experiment.

I recognize that I am a storyteller and, as such,  I need to tell my stories.

I have chosen to tell one called, “What is My Purpose in Life?” and will be doing so at the new site I found (which pays for readership, likes and comments) and to which I was recently introduced by another writer friend.

The experiment is that I am going to attempt to tell this particular story in 500-character chunks of space, “parts” or “chapters,” if you will.  I recognize that today’s reader typically wants to read things in small bits.  So, the onus is on me to figure out how to do this and to see if I can be successful doing it.

“What is My Purpose in Life?” will tell the story of how I found my purpose, how I got into the field I have (for work), what I have learned (and am continuing to learn), and I will tell the stories of how living true to my purpose has rewarded me by hearing the stories of others’ joy in tapping into their own purpose.

Let the experiment begin.



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