One Year Ago Tonight…

…I was preparing myself to go into the hospital for a surgery that would either prolong my life or take my life.  That was how I saw it, at any rate.

And shortly after midnight, I wrote “Beyond the Challenge of a Carcinoid Tumor.”  I honestly did not know whether or not I would live to see another year.

Tonight, I took a hot shower and am preparing myself to get a good night’s sleep, after spending the last three days facilitating a workshop at McChord Air Force Base.

But I could not forgo revisiting  last year’s entry  to see if I have changed over this year.

As I read my words, I am encouraged to see the resolve I had to have placed my trust in my chosen team. I  also trusted my intuition about which way I wanted to go in my life.

One year ago tonight, I was frightened, uncertain and angry.

Tonight, I am grateful…

And I thank all who have been instrumental in my recovery.  You are LOVED.


6 thoughts on “One Year Ago Tonight…

  1. Loren

    Coral, I am grateful that you are part of my life. Always so inspirational to talk to you and read your posts. Love you!

  2. Lisa M Gentry

    I know we don’t talk much these days but you are a wonderful, beautiful person. Much love to you my friend.

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