Relay for Life 2013: Tent or No Tent

Team Coral and Friends 1


Next weekend I will be walking in one of our local Relay for Life events. 

Today is the anniversary of last year’s event.  I had only signed up three weeks earlier and in that time frame, Team Coral & Friends became a group of  20 people who signed up to walk with me, and together we raised over $3000. 

Yes, in only three weeks.

This year, however, I signed up several months ago and have not been able to garner that kind of support, either from people who want to walk with me or to donate.  I find that curious, as I’m not shy about asking for either. 

So, I decided that I would walk the Survivor Lap and a few more laps as Team Coral of one.   There are no more tent spots available for a team, and I simply am not an organizer of details. And I failed miserably this year in also being an organizer of people, which is usually my forte. 

This past week two of my friends have signed up to be a part of the “& Friends,”  and I have two other friends who have made donations. 

So, in 2013 there is a Team Coral & Friends.

Small. Fewer donations ( thus far). No tent. No space for us to rest or rejuvenate. No reinforcements.

But it is a TEAM

And we shall figure something out. I’m sure we can throw a cooler in a back of a car for water or juice.  And the car seats recline if a nap is needed. 

Last year, I signed up to walk the weekend before I was scheduled to have surgery, not confident that I would be alive today, if the surgery were successful.  The Relay for Life was the place I wanted to be in what might have been my last weekend of life.  And the people that I needed most stepped up to support me.

This year, I will walk because…

I celebrate. 

I have been given another year of life.  A year in which I have learned so much more about what is truly important in life.  A year to have truly LIVED and appreciated so much more.  A year to experience life in a much different way. 

And I celebrate the people in my life who continue to support me. 

Tent or no tent.


To read my story and why I am walking this year, please go to:

To support  Team Coral & Friends by signing up to walk with us at our local Relay for Life, then click on the link and join the team

If you are unable to walk with us, please support with a donation.  Thank you.

Relay finish 2012





One thought on “Relay for Life 2013: Tent or No Tent

  1. Glad things were so successful all the way around last year, and I suppose anything less than that seems un-successful; but every person, every donation does matter, even if one at a time. So many people have so many to support, perhaps this year they’re in need of supporting someone else. Please don’t feel bad. Congrats on another year, and best of luck with your quest.

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