Just a thought today

Next week, it will be two years since my mother passed away.

I know that time is supposed to heal all and make it easier, but it seems that time also robs us of so much.

I’m talking about wasted time.

We waste so much time on anger, hurt, and disappointments that we forget that we are all human beings who come with our own baggage.

I’m glad that I was able to give and receive some special gifts from my mother before she passed away. (Link shares those gifts.)

It is my hope that I no longer waste my time with things that do not matter in life but, instead, make the most of life with those people who are the most dear to me based on shared interests, love and values.

Let me no longer concern myself with thoughts, actions and relationships to other people, which suck life’s energy from me.


2 thoughts on “Just a thought today

  1. Anita

    Beautiful tribute to your mother. My mother was fiercely independent and rarely asked for help. But she had “bragging rights” for her kids, grandkids, spouses of kids or their significant others. And she could throw “zingers” too but I learned to throw “zingers” right back which would make her think and laugh! Oh if only we could take the road “less traveled” but then we wouldn’t be who we are today. Thank you for your heartfelt message.

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