Is there always something to SMILE! about?

On May 14th, I wrote a post announcing a SMILE! 21-day challenge.  As I approached my one mark since my diagnosis and surgery last spring, I found myself fretting a bit and decided I needed a diversion. (Follow the hyperlink to read the original challenge.)

I wondered if I could always find something about which to SMILE! especially when life’s challenges seems insurmountable.

The challenge ran from May 15- June 4, and I agreed to record each day for three weeks something that made me smile each day on the SMILE! Results Page. I also encouraged others to share their smiles in the comment section of the results page.

I am pleased that eight people did share some smiles with me during the challenge.  One was from Europe.  Another from a friend who shared an antic I’d long forgotten.  Each of the comments made me smile along with them.

This was a reminder to me that when we put ourselves around others who can make us smile and laugh with us, we are uplifted.  It is contagious.

An unexpected surprise happened.

When I set up the three-week challenge, I did not realize what significance this day would have.

It just so happened that last year on Tuesday, June 5th, I first met with my specialist on referral from a medical professional I know and trust.  This time last year I was scared, did not trust many doctors, and was not doing much smiling.

What I also did not know when I set up the dates of the SMILE! Challenge was that the final day would be the same day I would be scheduled for my one-year follow-up MRI and appointment.

It could either be a day where I would have to dig deeply to find something or it would be cause for a broad smile to spread across my face.

Today I was poked, scanned, analyzed, and counseled and…

The results are in…

(To read all 21 days or simply yesterday’s results, click here for the  SMILE! 21-Day Challenge Results page. Please leave smiles of your own in the comment section on that page.)


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